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Another quarter, another recall and this time it’s Bosch’s turn and not for dishwashers this time but for gas hobs that have a risk of gas leak and explosion reports suggest.

Bosch recalls thousands of built in gas hobsPretty serious stuff then.

We don’t know that much for now on this and, as Bosch do not allow anyone access to their technical or safety bulletins outside the company, we may never know all that much. Perhaps this sort of debacle is a reason they don’t allow access, no scrutiny but anyway we’ll stop whining about it for now.

Reports suggest that there are just shy of 4000 hobs in the field that are a problem.

They were made between 2009 and 2011.

It applies to hobs made by Bosch under the Bosch and it’s owned Neff brand.

We do not have information on the models affected.


We do now know and it is these models:

  • Bosch model: NGU4151DB (produced January 2009 - October 2011)
  • Neff model: T20S31N0 (produced January 2009 - October 2011)

We do not know what the problem is at this stage other than that gas connectors can be damaged as reported in the national press and, that there’s an explosion risk.

We do not know the models that are affected, no list has been provided.

We do know how many incidents there have been.

In other words, Bosch haven’t told anyone much of anything and, from a safety perspective that’s pretty bad in our view.

And yet, Bosch’s operations director, Joe O'Sullivan, told the Daily Mail at the time that the company would back a new registration system for appliance purchases to help with safety recalls.

'Any move to improve registration of appliances to make them easier to trace, we would support,' he said.

The problem with hobs is that the model number is on the underside of the hob on a sticked or plate so, for many people this can be a problem to get to. How Bosch intend to get around that problem we really have no idea.

And, even if our trade forum members spot one, they’ll have no clue if it is one to look for or not as we don’t have a clue what to look for.

Nice one Bosch… want to try again?

No doubt this will be putting your customer’s safety first as all manufacturers do.

Bosch have now put up this page for people to check with
Nuclear Bosch gas hob
My Bosch dual oven went up like a nuke a few nights back. On the left side where the oven selector knob is on the inside, something went wrong, something went on fire and it vomited out a thick acrid burnt plastic smelling smoke. It spewed a LOT of smoke. The metal topside of the stove above has been \'blued\' by the heat of the fire. Removed the gas hobs and the top cover and the gas line to the main hob has been cooked. I think THIS is what theyre really worried about if its coupled with the gas problem. Which as I have just found out over the last few days about my oven; it is. Faulty fuel and ignition sources right beside each other in tens of thousands of family homes all over the world. If it wasnt for my dogs hearing the smoke alarm downstairs in the kitchen we would have all been probably killed. So yes, I can understand this recall. And possibly even the quet downplaying of the severity of the problem. Imagine if people thought they had a bomb waiting to explode in their home at any minute of the day and night? Would cause a bit of panic, which in turn would probably cause a bit of a loss of bankability in Bosch. to keep it as quiet as possible.
john mcmillan
product neff hob
how do i find out if my hob is included in this recall
You will need to look on the underside of the hob and see if the model that you have is affected.

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