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We have learned that the distribution for the UK and Ireland for the De Dietrich brand is to move to the Dublin based KAL Group.

According to unconfirmed reports existing warranties will be honoured in the deal and that service is to move to JTM in the UK. Further details beyond this are unknown at the time of writing.

The details published thus far are as follows:

Dublin-based distribution company, KAL Group is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with Groupe Brandt (France) S.A.S., to promote and distribute De Dietrich kitchen appliances throughout the UK and Ireland. 

As part of the agreement, KAL Group will honour all warranty obligations for the De Dietrich brand. The Group has also has appointed key members of staff from the former FagorBrandt-owned subsidiary company, De Dietrich Kitchen Appliances Ltd., and a re-stocking project is already underway. 

Richard Broderick, managing director, KAL Group stated that, “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Groupe Brandt (France) to distribute the premium De Dietrich brand throughout the UK. Our first commitment is to honour all warranties and our second is to restore absolute confidence to retailers in this excellent and technologically advanced appliance brand and we have the manpower, service and support structure to make that happen.”  

Sebastien Cuault, Northern Europe Export Director, Groupe Brandt (France) said that, "KAL Group is a very successful distribution company and its business model fits perfectly with our ongoing global intentions for the De Dietrich brand. We greatly look forward to working with the Group and to re-establish a strong De Dietrich presence in the UK marketplace.”

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