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Not to be left off the smart appliance bandwagon Chinese manufacturer Haier have jumped onboard with some new product launches at IFA as well, along with of course claiming the No1 spot as usual and that this is all new.

Haier shows off a fridge that can smell foodThe press release is hilarious though! :D

This bit especially warmed our hearts and gave us a chuckle… even though we knew it wasn’t anything new, we’ll explain that in a bit.

“Mr. Loren Wiener, an overseas scientific intelligent, is "chatting" with a fragrant kitchen refrigerator. When he takes a tomato from the refrigerator, the screen shows "A tomato, 16 kilocalorie. There are only four days before the expiration of the remaining tomatoes' storage period." This is the function of the fragrant kitchen refrigerator for identifying the foodstuff. The camera on top of it can sort the foodstuff according to their freshness and remind the user to consume the food when they are fresh enough. Besides, the on/off and temperature of the Homekit air conditioner can be remotely controlled through Siri on mobile phones. Users can select washing program remotely through intelligent washing. The visitors can experience Haier's one-stop intelligent solution on IFA.”

Once you get past the obvious and rather glaring language errors it’s actually quite a clever thing, if it works of course. But really, tomatoes in a fridge… tut, tut Haier you should know better, tomatoes are not to be stored in the fridge.

It all went kinda wrong there.

But the ability of the electronics to smell the freshness of food through the use of an olfactory sensor, that’s pretty clever we must admit and could even be of practical use.

There’s no cost or relate info though so whether or not this will ever see the light of day in the marketplace or the potential cost of it is currently completely unknown.

This isn’t new technology though, even if Haier’s press office might want you to think that. This was first seen on a Haier fridge freezer in the good ol’ U S of A in 2013. thee years later and it’s still just a demo.

Sadly in our opinion the rest of the press release was in the same vein, somewhere between just hard to read or completely nonsensical.

Bottom line is, Haier are onto the whole smart appliance thing as well now as the whole lot is internet connected etc.

Top marks for an amusing press release though, even if there wasn’t anything new in it.

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