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Some might say oh no but we’re afraid it’s a big yes, Chinese company Haier are getting into the cooking space with some new hobs that are apparently getting debuted in the UK.

Haier gets into selling wine to launch new cooking products in the UKWhere Haier are going to sell them we haven’t a clue. How much they will cost well, we haven’t a clue.

We can tell you that Haier reckon they will arrive in Blighty sometime during the course of 2017 so it’s something at least.

Bad news is, it’s Haier. Most people in the trade or regular readers will know why.

Good news, they bought GE so maybe these’ll be okay. You never know, right?

So we’re getting a range of five induction hobs and four gas ones. Oh and some ovens to go with.

The ovens feature a white LED touchscreen display thingybob, auto cooking by selecting the type of food you put in and, that’s bit of a hit and miss affair in our experience. They also are set to have soft close hinges and matte or stainless finishes.

Okay we know, it’s hardly revolutionary stuff but, it’s new so we felt obliged to tell you all about it.

The big change being that Haier clearly have ambition to grow in the UK and presumably Europe as well just as they are attempting to do in the US. Whether they can get over the baggage of appliances past being pretty garbage or not we will all just have to wait and see.

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