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The Paris climate change deal spells the beginning of the end for cooking and heating with gas, experts have claimed.

Within 15 years, British families may have to start phasing out gas cookers, fires and boilers if the UK is to meet stringent new targets aimed at halting rises in global temperature.

The United Nations agreement to stop global warming, approved by 195 countries at a summit in Paris after two weeks of intense negotiations, commits nations to reducing greenhouse gases from 2020 onwards to halt climate change.

Experts predict the stricter targets will mean the familiar sights of gas hobs and ovens and gas-fired boilers will become a thing of the past.

Jim Watson, professor of energy policy at Sussex University, speaking to the Daily Mail said: ‘This will affect the power sector first, but as we move through to the 2030s and beyond we’ll have to find new ways of heating our homes and cooking our food.’

Gas, while it is cleaner than coal, is our biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions generating around 169 million tons of CO2 in 2014.

Bob Ward, who is policy director at the Grantham Research Institute of Climate Change, said that to meet Britain’s commitments the days of cooking with gas were numbered.

He said: ‘The only possible use of fossil fuels that will continue is if they are used to generate electricity, but this will only happen if the carbon dioxide they create is captured and stored.

‘Gas cookers will be phased out, probably as soon as possible. I suspect manufacturers will simply stop making them.’

He added that in years to come some form of carbon tax putting up the cost of gas is inevitable which likely make electric cookers much cheaper than their gas rivals.

However from inside the industry, the collapse of gas products may roll around sooner as ever tighter regulations surrounding the ability to service and maintain gas products is making it increasingly harder to find service personnel capable of servicing gas fired appliances. In many areas of the UK already, there is no gas service cover for domestic appliances.

Given the large cost to accomplish and then maintain compliance with Gas Safe in terms of, the volume of work that service techs get in relation to the outlay required, we strongly suspect that less and less cover for gas will start to happen almost immediately. Simply put, for most service businesses the cost of being able to carry out gas service work is not worth it.

If you have a gas products and you were thinking on changing or need to change it, we would now suggest switching to an all electric product as, even if they are still to be legal for some years to come, you may well not be able to have it repaired if it breaks.

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