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White Knight have issued a safety recall notice on some of its popular condenser tumble dryer models manufactured in 2010 whcih presents a potential fire risk to owners of the affected tumble dryers.

White Knight to recall tumble dryers

The official notification is as follows but please do follow the tumble dryer safety advice.

It has been necessary for us to issue a safety notice regarding a number of White Knight Tumble dryers manufactured in 2010. This safety notice only affects the specific condenser dryer models listed and does not affect the rest of the White Knight tumble dryer range.

Tumble Dryer Models

0312 76A 15002 (77AW)
0312 767 15009 (767C)
0312 76A 15010 (77AW)
0312 76A 15330 (77AS)
0312 76A 31000 (CL76AWH)

Please note that if your dryer is not listed here it is not affected by this recall

The Problem

It has come to our attention that a purchased connector component has been supplied to us which is not to our specification and that this has been fitted to 1800 White Knight Condenser dryers built in Oct 2010. We believe that the use of this connector can potentially lead to overheating of the appliance and if left unresolved could create a potential fire hazard over time. We wish to find all of the affected dryers which lie within the serial numbers below, and replace them free of charge in order to eliminate the risk.

How To Check If Your Tumble Dryer Is Affected

We are trying to identify the location of these machines in order to remove the potential risk associated with this connector. First, please check if you have one of the models listed above, and if so, please check whether your appliance has a serial number from the following list of potentially affected batches (the model and serial number can be found inside the door of your dryer as shown in the diagram).

White Knight Tumble Dryer Recall

What To Do If Your Tumble Dryer Is Affected

If your dryer has a serial number within any of the affected batches, please stop using it and disconnect it from the mains outlet as a precautionary measure, and call us on the following telephone number in order for us to arrange for your dryer to be replaced free of charge.

UK Freephone 0800 952 1102
Ireland Freephone 1800 844 165
Lines are open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm

tumble dryer
I have a white knight tumble dryer model 0312 44A 15003 serial number 1007829365 is mine affected with a recall
Paul Day
white knight condenser dryer
i have one of the above mentioned modls that have a recall the only problem is i have had it 6 years and have only just realised it had a recall will thwey still replace it after this time thanks paul
Mr owen
Recall problem
I have a white k knight sensordry tumble dryer model CL 37 serial number 0413886491 is it effected
As per the advice and previous comments, as your model is not specifically listed it is not affected by this recall.
jeanette Shore
White Knight Tumble Dryer
Hi, I have in the past reported my tumble dryer and informed it was one of the affected ones & someone would be calling me re changing it... I was also offer a vented dryer for £50.00 or condenser dryer for £99.00. I still to this day have not received the phone call which was supposed to be in Aug/Sept of this year. Can you please help
Many thanks Jeanette

Hi Jeanette,

I have no idea who you have been in contact with but, we do not deal with that at all I am afraid so you will need to find out who you have been in contact with and get back in touch with them to sort that for you.

White Knight Tumble Dryer
Hi Kenneth, Thank you for your reply I don\'t know if it will help but on back of machine it has the following information:
Model 447 SV V 230-240 Hz 50 Code: 0312 447 15330/1

Thanks Jeanette

Sounds like you need to get in touch with White Knight but, really we would not know how they deal with it.
Tumble Dryer
Hi Kenneth.

Can you at least confirm if this is one of the affected ones please???
Also everyone I speak/e-mail cannot give me a telephone number to contact for White knight direct. The telephone number on google of 0800 952 1102 tell me that they do not deal with it and do not know of another number to ring??

Thanks Jeanette

Hi Jeanette,

As per previous comments and the note above, this recall only affects the models as shown and no others at all.

Since your model is not listed, it is not affected by this recall.

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