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Crosslee who makes the famed White Knight brand of tumble dryers here in the UK is to cease production though it's not clear exactly when that will happen as yet.

Crosslee was founded in 1986 when the business was if memory serves us, part of a management buyout when Philips exited the appliance business and sold the rest of its appliance business to Whirlpool.

Since then it had produced more than 13.5 million tumble dryers, along with a range of BBQs, boilers, gas and electric fires, and a range of hostess trolleys and buffet servers.

Crosslee states that during the last five years, the UK and global market has "evolved and changed significantly", with cheaper imports from China, Turkey and Eastern Europe at a time when "the cost of manufacturing in the UK continues to rise".

This has had a huge impact, as has consumer retail habits changing with the growth of online sales.

"Due to the above factors, the business currently finds itself in a loss-making position and, following a strategic review by the board, the outlook continues to be pessimistic for the future as a manufacturer as costs are expected to rise, while production and sales volumes are likely to decline further," it said.

"As a result of the aforementioned, the board has concluded that it is no longer viable to continue to manufacture tumble dryers. The board has therefore reluctantly decided to cease manufacturing tumble dryers."

Crosslee noted that it is solvent, with a strong balance sheet, and is able to meet all its financial obligations going forward. The cessation is considered "necessary to protect the future financial interests" of the company.

"It is expected that various parts of the business will be of interest to potential purchasers," it added so, perhaps a buyer for the manufacturing side will be found but, we'd not hold too much hope in the current climate as nobody is doing anything, probably due to Brexit.

"The company has already informed the secretary of state for business, innovation and skills as well as Unite the Union. A period of collective consultation will now commence with the employees to look at alternative options to closure."

What this means for spare parts for White Knight dryers etc goign forward we do not know presently.

With Crosslee/White Knight no longer producing that, in appliance terms, leaves AGA Rangemaster who make some products here, Ebac who also make some but not all here and... well, pretty much nothing else made in the UK.

If you want to buy British when it comes to appliances, sorry, there more or less are none.

Crosslee PLC
Crosslee To Cease Production
Further to the recent announcement regarding the cessation of tumble dryer production at our Hipperholme factory in October 2019 – and we emphasise that it is only the UK based manufacturing function that is affected - we can confirm that Crosslee continues to trade as normal and will continue to offer a range of White Knight branded domestic appliances beyond the October date. We can also confirm that warranty cover and spares availability will remain in place and White Knight appliances will be continue to be covered for the duration of the applicable warranty period, customers should contact our national service agent as normal for repairs under warranty on 0800 988 1323; further, we will continue to offer spares and accessories support beyond the October date when tumble dryer production ceases and these services will be unaffected
We remain fully committed to supporting our customers and they can be reassured that their rights under the Consumer Rights Act of 2015 are not affected

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