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AEG-Electrolux have unveiled their new "Super Eco" washing machine, the world's first dedicated cold-wash washing machine.

According to AEG-Electrolux, the Super Eco L64580LE washing machine uses 83% less energy compared with standard easy care 40°C washes and a 72% less than an easy care 30°C wash.

The new cold water washing machine from AEG Electrolux AEG-Electrolux says the Super Eco L64580LE (pictured) is the world's first dedicated cold wash washing machine.

But here's the catches, as AEG-Electrolux say the machine delivers 'effective cleaning' when you're using cold active or activated washing detergents, such as the laundry liquid Ariel Excel Gel, which is designed for colder washing. In other words, you can't use it with normal detergents and you can do this with any other washing machine that you can select a cold wash on.

Although the washing machine has a 7kg capacity, AEG-Electrolux says the Super Eco washing cycle is most effective on 3kg loads, about the weight of 15 t-shirts. So, the next catch is it's only really works on light loads. Although it is stated that the machine is most efficient on a small 3kg load we find this is usually marketing speak for, it won't work properly with any more in it.

Where the machine does differ from others is that it will heat the water if the water temperature is below 6°C to a temperature suitable for these "cold" water detergents.

Which says that, "Reducing energy use in the home is a popular topic and dedicated cool temperature laundry detergents have caused quite a stir, so it's encouraging to see a machine that targets washing at lower temperatures as standard. We'll have to wait until it's tested to see how well it performs."

AEG-Electrolux claims the new model is an extremely low energy user, and has billed the Super Eco washing machine 'A+'.

The manufacturer also promises a reduction in water consumption. AEG-Electrolux says the Super Eco uses only 41litres of water in its Eco wash setting, against an average of 50 litres. Which is true if you are washing a half load as the machine should automatically adjust and reduce the water intake.

The new AEG-Electrolux Super Eco washing machine should be available from November 2009 and is expected to sell at around of £520.

Super Eco L64580LE also features:

20 washing programmes, including a quick 20min wash, silk, and jeans programmes.

Wash options including delayed start, sensitive wash, stains and time reduction.

7kg capacity. The super Eco Programme is most efficient with wash loads of up to 3kg.

Extra rinse option.

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