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It has now been confirmed that Candy has bought Baumatic which entered into administration at the beginning of October.

What the acquisition means for Candy or the intention for the brand is currently unknown.

Faulty Baumatic Appliances

Since it entered administration, Baumatic cancelled all service appointments and provisionally suspended its service while its position was reviewed.

The company had said it would update customers by 14 November at 2pm. But when customers and Which? called to check it had the same recorded message 24 hours after this deadline.

If you have a faulty Baumatic product you may still have rights with the shop you bought it from, depending on when you bought it and the type of fault. 

Hoover has yet to confirm whether it will honour existing Baumatic warranties when they take over the company but many feel it is unlikely that they will accept liability on warranties for products sold before they take the brand under their wing. This could leave thousands of Baumatic owners with no warranty other than that provided under the Sale of Goods Act, meaning that the retailer will have to make arrangements to honour the warranty.

Guarantees from Baumatic can vary, some last for the typical 12 months while others extend to five years for parts and labour and other combinations.

At this time there is no contact for in-warranty service for Baumatic products.

Gary Proctor
Hi WhitegoodsJust to let you know that I was a baumatic engineer (made redundant), covering the whole of northern ireland.I feel very sorry for all my customers in Northern Ireland, its very frustrating for me and im sure my customers, how things have just dragged on. Hopefully now that Candy have bought the company, thinks will progress swiftly to get the service, the Baumatic customers deserve.RegardsGary

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