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As previously reported, Indesit Company, is reported to be moving a substantial part of its production to Lodz, central Poland from Peterborough in England.

Some 400 employees of the Indesit owned factory based in Woodston near Peterborough Which produced Hotpoint refrigerators have received 90-days redundancy notice.

Production in Woodston is to stop by the end of October. According to Dave Shamm of the GMB trade unions, this transfer is bad news for the UK.

"It seems that the decision is based on the assumption that costs of production are lower in Poland, but what does it mean for the future of the British manufacturing industry?" he asks.

Indesit's UK manufacturing director Carlos Ramos said that the reason for the decision is the decrease of demand for refrigerators on the British market.

Italian Indesit Company is one of the largest white goods manufacturer in Europe.

The Indesit Polska plant started production in Lodz in 1999. Currently the company employs some 2500 people in two plants in Poland and so far invested some 140 million euros.

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