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At the headquarters of "Unione Industriali" in Turin today Indesit Company presented a proposition to close its dishwasher plant in None (Turin).

The Company reiterated its willingness to continue talks with the trade unions.

During the meeting, the Company stated again that its dishwasher production wasn't competitive enough.

Indesit Company's None plant makes free-standing and built-in dishwashers (for the whole of the European market) and employs around 600 shop-floor and office workers; in 2008 it turned out 770,000 machines. Given significant growth in the dishwasher market, the Company made major investments over the last three years in both new products and plants (around €60m, of which around €20m at None). Despite such efforts, however, demand was drastically below forecast and the Company is convinced that continuing to manufacture at both None and Radomsko (Poland) is not a sustainable option. The decision to maintain the Polish plant at the expense of the one near Turin was dictated exclusively by the consideration of competitiveness on international markets.

In addition to its headquarters in Fabriano, the Company currently has seven manufacturing plants in Italy (not counting None), a research centre and logistics and marketing structures, with a total workforce of around 5,000 (not counting the 600 people at None).

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