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The BBC have investigated issues that they find specific to the Indesit moon washing machine suffering from excessive mould, mildew and bad smells.

Smelly Indesit Moon washing machines on BBC Watchdog

The program goes on to point out correctly that the integrated and supposed self-cleaning soap detergent dispenser well, doesn't self clean at all really and that people are experiencing a build up of mould an malodours that are being transferred to onto the laundry. The examples shown in the TV show, which you can view from this link, are pretty horrific and extreme.

Of course this is not a new problem, neither is it unique to solely Indesit washing machines and, if you do experience any malodour, mildew or mould in your washing machine then you should really read the articles from the links below as we have provided expert advice in guidance to both get rid of mould and bad smells and how to prevent them in the first place.

The Indesit Moon of course is not capable of running a full maintenance wash and, when consulted, we did advise that there was very little chance of any natural drying within the machine, especially when the door is closed making the Moon an almost perfect breeding ground for bacteria in our opinion and, the reason that these examples on Watchdog were so extreme. Our advice is, as it was when the Moon was launched, don't buy one!

Below are the resources that you need to keep your washing machine odour free and in the best possible condition.

Mould lumps in a washing machine explained

Smelly washing machines

Washing machine maintenance wash

H Forsyth
I really have to wonder if these Moon owners were making even the slightest effort to maintain their machines from day one! Why did they let their machines get so bad in the first place? At the first sign of smell they should have done a maintenance wash, even if it was only at 60 degrees, not wait until the machine was so bad it became unusable. If they did not maintain their car since day one, would they wait until it broke down and became unusable, and then try to blame the car manufacturer?
The moon is a very pooly designed machine. No 95 degree wash, no rinse/spin programmes, and the mould problem occurs with many machines, but the moon seems to be affected worse. I wouldn't get one.

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