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Tonight on the BBC's Watchdog program Indesit (Merloni, the parent company who also own Hotpoint, Ariston and Scholtes) was slammed or their dishwashing products going on fire.

From the Watchdog website:

"In the last year, Watchdog has been contacted by 11 people complaining about dishwasher fires. Of those, 5 complained about Indesit, and 4 about the D63 "“ including the 3 cases on the programme.

Paul Key's house caught fire last November when his Indesit D63 dishwasher went up in smoke. His insurance company investigated the fire and confirmed the dishwasher was to blame. Naturally, Paul wanted Indesit to accept responsibility.

Bernadette Kilroy got her new Indesit in March last year. Four months later she came home to find smoke coming out of the dishwasher. Bernadette's dishwasher fire caused serious damage to her kitchen. Indesit still refused to pay out her insurance excess of £150.

Paul and Bernadette's insurers both employed independent experts to root out the cause of the fires. It turned out they were both down to the same thing "“ something called 'resistive heating'. Resistive heating can be caused by a bad connection or corrosion.

Gillian Tomkins dishwasher was only 4 months old when it caught fire. Again, it was a D63 model. Indesit sent an engineer round to look at the dishwasher, three times. Gillian said 'they couldn't ascertain what was wrong with it and sent a report in to head office.' But Gillian never saw the report. She said "I didn't feel like Indesit were listening to me or taking my concerns seriously. They were basically just hoping I'd go away".

Indesit's response

Indesit's makers, Merloni, apologise to those customers for the distress caused by these incidents, and is now discussing compensation with all three. They say they became aware of an over-heating problem last summer and, as a result, introduced changes in September to solve the problem.

Indesit add 'If any of our customers are concerned, they can contact us through our customer help line on 0845 456 4226 or our website"

T Davis
My dishwasher set on fire in 2009 it nearly killed the whole family!! it wasn,t more than 18 months old. Forensics confirmed the fire was started in the door of the dishwasher. My whole house was smoke damaged.

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