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All the latest general news from the domestic appliance industry that we find all over the world and stories that are of interest to the trade and public often with our own unique non-politically correct spin on it.

We cover almost anything intersting to do with appliances or that affects the industry including new product releases, scandals, recalls, mergers, takovers and all the other juicy appliance news from around the world.

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SEOUL (Reuters) - Pasta for dinner? At a touch of a button, LG's glossy Internet-equipped refrigerator will display a mouthwatering dish with a recipe. An automatic inventory will show what's inside without opening the door.

It's a fridge with a brain that can place orders to the nearest grocery store when you are running low on tomato sauce. Not only that. Its 15-inch flat door-mounted screen can turn into a television, a stereo or even a digital camera.

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Government plans to reduce traffic congestion are doomed to fail because of a widening gap between motoring costs and public transport fares, according to the government's top transport adviser.

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Electrolux has signed an agreement for divestment of its compressor operation, to SOLE SpA, a company controlled by Dresdner Kleinwort Capital. The compressor operation is part of business area Professional Indoor Products and is the world leader in compressors for domestic and commercial appliances. The operation comprises three plants in Italy, Spain and Austria, as well as two joint ventures in China. External sales in 2002 amounted to SEK 2,800m, and the number of employees was 4,100.

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The software colossus and seven other new members sign onto the Internet Home Alliance, signaling a growing interest in high-tech homes.

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New error codes listing added.

Also see the related article about the launch of the UK Whitegoods Fault Code Guide whcih is now available to buy in our online store.

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You may or may not have noticed some minor changes to the Site, the most obvious being the change of the encyclopedia to "Database" as this is a more familiar term.

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Retail group Kingfisher has unveiled plans to demerge its electrical retail arm Kesa, which includes the Comet chain.

This was the original story, the event actually happens today 7/7/03.

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Italian electrical appliance giant Merloni is expected to unveil a multi-million pound expansion of its UK tumble-drier factory.

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Sales up 42%, operating margin up 45% Another positive quarter for Merloni Elettrodomestici, which posted increases in sales and operating margin of 42% and 45%, respectively, compared to the 1st quarter of 2002.

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A robot vacuum cleaner that cleans your carpets all by itself has gone on sale in the UK. The autonomous, cordless machine uses ultrasound to avoid obstacles and to work out the most efficient route around a room it has been set to clean.