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  • Buying Help, Advice And General Guidance


    We get asked almost daily for advice on what machines to buy and which ones to avoid. Often this comes down to specific appliances and, if you are looking for broad recommendations then can you please give us as much information as possible to help us answer you accurately?

    There is already a considerable amount of help with the most common considerations when buying a new appliances in this section of the website and loads of advice can be gotten from the articles in there.

    When you do want particular recommendations then tell us as much as possible.

    For washing machines we need to know the following:
    • How many people are using the machine?
      How many loads of washing per day are you doing roughly?
      Do you line dry or use a tumble dryer?
      Do you have size limits to what you can fit?
      Have you any special needs?
      What sort of budget you have.

      Please also read The Washing Machine Buying Guide

    The same sort of questions will apply to a tumble dryer as well but there is also a separate Buying Guide For Tumble Dryers from that link.

    All the UK Whitegoods buying guides are designed to be general guidelines when choosing a new machine and will give you pointers on what look for and what features are worth the money.

    For refrigeration we need to know certain things to help you, like:
    • Do you keep more fresh or frozen foods?
      Do you want frost free or not?
      Do you have any restrictions on size, especially height with fridge freezers?
      Will the machine be in a room at normal room temps (18-21C)?
      Do you store a lot of bottles, wine etc.?

      Please also see the Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

    Dishwashers, pretty much as with other laundry products, we need to know how you're going to use it and what you need it to do but you can find out a lot more in the Dishwasher Buying Guide

    Please bear in mind that these appliance buying guides are written from our perspective as the guys that have to go out and fix them after they break. We're looking for things from the get-go that appear to be trouble waiting to happen, we also which manufacturers are a total rip off for spare parts and the ones that are slow to do anything, including get spares to you. We have a slightly different perspective from a retailer as we try to avoid the pitfalls in advance.

    Other article that may help are the following ones:

    Appliance Environmental Issues - appliances are lasting less time, we ask why and then explain why.

    Energy Labels - what they really mean and why we advise that you don't get too hung up on them

    Price Comparison Sites - why we think that they're useless

    If you wish to advertise in this section of the website then please see this article for details
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