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Samsung vs. Bosch and 8Kg or 9Kg



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  • Samsung vs. Bosch and 8Kg or 9Kg

    We need to replace our current Hotpoint washer and personally I have lost faith in Hotpoint and want to upgrade to a better model. We recently missed out on a deal for a Samsung ecobubble 9KG washer for £399 at Currys, all those machines that were in the deal are now back up to £599.

    We ideally only want to spend £400 so I found the following deals:

    1) BoschSerie 6 WAT28371GB 9kg Load, 1400 Spin Washing Machine with EcoSilence Drive™ - White - According to it should have been £744.98 but it's on offer at £489 on their site & AO's website - with AO I can get £15 off and then £70 cashback from Bosch making this only £404.
    However it only comes with a 2 year guarantee so my husband isn't so impressed and wants to go back to the Samsung washers because they all come with a free 5 year guarantee, we can extend the warranty with Bosch but then we're back up to £490.

    So I've found this one:

    2) Samsung ecobubble™ WW90J5456MW at £479

    So which is the better machine - is the Samsung warranty worth it? I was tempted by the Bosch as the higher price of £744 led me to believe it's a superior model at a low price but I don't want to be hooked in by clever marketing techniques AND I don't want a massive breakdown bill if something goes wrong after 2 years.

    Other option is to drop down in drum size to reduce the price, but we've had a 9Kg washer and regularly need to wash a single duvet in it - would we notice the difference in size? We are a family of 4, plenty of muddy football kits, school uniforms.

    Or wait to see if there's any new deals? The old washer is hanging on in there although you need ear defenders when the spin cycle starts! The prices seem to be changing on almost a daily basis!!

    Any advice appreciated - it's to flipping confusing.
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    I must point out that this is only my personal opinion but

    Samsung from my experience as an engineer, are hard to get service info for and very expensive parts would not touch them

    Bosch WAT28371GB . Bosch is not the machine it used to be but what is ? This machine uses a sealed drum unit something that is getting more common probably down to cost. I am no a fan of sealed tubs they tend to fail quicker then the non sealed models. with that in mind look at Bosch models

    wan28050gb 7Kg 1200 spin

    wan28050gb 7Kg 1400 spin

    wab28150gb 8Kg 1400 spin

    all the above machine seem to be still using a tub that can be split and resealed if its necessary

    Of course if you want more Quality look at Miele machines. some of the more expensive ones have a 10 year guarantee



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      Thank you, we shall have a look at those Bosch ones.


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