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  • French or American Style?

    Our GE GCELGTBFAV American Side-by-Side Fridge Freezer is on it's last legs. It has actually been there a while making increasingly horrendous noises. The ice-maker packed up two years ago, but we have ignored it as long as the rest of it was working. However, we can ignore it no longer, as the water in the ice tray is still liquid after three days ( though from 3/4 of the way down it's all still frozen). We have had ten years out of it, so not too shabby.

    So we are leaning towards a different style, a (so-called) French style rather than American, as having come across a few on a recent trip away we like the double wide doors and the freezer below. There's a fair amount of choice out there so we'd appreciate a little guidance on models. We like lots of space in the fridge, and use the freezer for ice and overflow - we already have tall Zanussi and small Beko freezers (lots of home produce). We're not bothered about water but ice would be nice.

    What has caught our eye so far is the Beko MN1416224D, with the multi zone, which would allow for expansion at Christmas for instance. Beko is cheap and cheerful, our small freezer has been chugging along nicely in the outhouse for about three years.We hear there is good spares availability and options on servicing, but are you getting what you've not paid for? And is the Neofrost thing a good idea or more jargon?

    Any other brands/models to recommend?

    Thank you.
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    Hi Anjistar,

    We find that the french style fridge freezers lose a lot of space in the freezer because of the drawer... So it depends on what you actually fancy with your fridge, whether you want maximised space, or whether you want a particular design. There are some neat features with some french styles, there are some which have a 'mixed' drawer, where the temperature is cooler than the fridge, but not a cold as the freezer, which are great for beer storage for parties!! Which, who doesn't love?

    A colleague of our has an american style and finds the huge freezer space comes in handy, especially if you have a family and want the storage space.

    As for the Neofrost, this is basically technology which means the cooling of the fridge and the freezer is done separately... The advantage of this is that the cooling is quicker (both fridge & freezer) and that there is less air movement throughout the machine, so you don't get any smells flowing from the freezer to the fridge or vica versa...

    I hope this helped a little...



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      Many thanks, LKA. As we want the freezer section more for back up - we have two other freezers - it's less important, though we will use it. The thought of a waist-height fridge is good future-proofing, though for when we can't bend down to see what's lurking at the back on the bottom shelf in a normal fridge!


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        American Style obviously. Don't think about any other style.


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