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  • Tumbledryer (in cupboard)

    I'm looking to buy a tumbledryer that will be installed inside a kitchen cupboard.

    I'm aware of the need for ventilation/air if the machine is condensing (or heatpump).
    However the dryer will also be against an outside wall so I could duct out from a vented machine.

    All the tech points to heat pump machines being the way forward - and I'd like to be able to use the machine without worrying about running costs. (Tho' I appreciate these machines are more expensive in the first place). So my questions:

    1) Installing in a cupboard - am I simply better off going for a vented machine to reduce heat/condensation issues? Running the machine with the door open isn't really an option...
    2) If I use a vented machine, can it go out at a low level? The machine will stand on the floor.
    3) Any recommendations of any particular machines?

    NB: Managed to avoid a tumbledryer in life until now so lack experience of them.

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    All about heat pump dryers here:

    Are Heat Pump Dryers Worth It?

    In a cupboard, very ill-advised.

    In fact, I'd not recommend any dryer is used in a cupboard for various reasons but a heat pump or condenser one, most certainly not in my opinion. And I believe why may be covered in this article:

    Tumble Dryer Installation Requirements

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      be aware of the fact you might void you warranty if the manufacturer does not like how its installed

      can you consider using an integrated machine which is meant to be installed this way ?

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        As regards question #2. The vent hose should always go through the wall as low as is possible, it should never be routed up and out as this will allow the hose to fill with condensation and wet fluff.
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          Thanks all.

          WHat about vented machines in cupboards? I could put some kind of ventilation on the front of the door - ie so air could get in.

          Will look into integrated but the choice is so limited... In fact it's worse than that. Baumatic, Candy etc... These are not names which inspire confidence with high heat appliances.
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            the white knight crosslee dryer is commonly used in integrated situations and appear under different brands




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