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Which retailer to buy from? - my experience of an Independent



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  • Which retailer to buy from? - my experience of an Independent

    I prefer to support local businesses so visited an independent store to see what it could offer. The experience was very poor indeed.

    Zero product knowledge. Zero useful advice. Comments such as “we sell a lot of these”. Very keen for me to pay for washing machine installation. Not at all keen for me to remove transit bolts, attach cold feed, attach drain hose, level the feet and insert plug in mains socket.

    Surely independents should be very focused on service, advice and customer experience? If not, then how can they expect to compete and survive against the online retailers?

    Seriously, it really makes me feel like getting my old machine repaired. I did quite like the recommendation of Bosch WAN Serie 4 but not sure about programs where either you cannot or it is very fiddly to wash at whatever temp. and spin speed you want (previous thread below).

    Any thoughts would be most welcome.

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    I could not agree with you more based on your comments. Indepedents should really pull their fingers out or they will be gone and that is happening now, nothing new. When I worked for a small independent family business we delivered for free, installed for free, and took the banger away for free and yet sales were on the way down and one simple reason is purchasing power, or rather the lack of it, it is very difficult to compete with the big boys of on-line retailers even though they charged for the extras we didn`t. I seem to remember the trade price of the machines boss was buying were a couple of quid more than buying from Currys, Aol. BUT the main reason was: bod goes out to repair washing machine but is uneconomic to repair ( ever increasingly common ) charged a call out charge £47 ( jokers!! Or how to rub someone up the wrong way ) then expected the customer to buy from us. It does not take someone with a 2 digit IQ to figure out the 47 quid just paid for the freebees making the whole thing pointless / no better off. That company deserved to fail and fail they did despite all warnings which got me in to trouble. Conclusion: management were greedy and stupid......I`m suprised they didn`t do better then!.


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