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  • I need a new washing machine

    I'm an ordinary non-expert person who had a washer-dryer and the bearings went out after 5 years. They couldn't be replaced without replacing the whole tub for £200 + labour which seemed too risky for a 5 year old machine, and one I was not very fond of anyway. So, I am looking for a new machine and I don't fancy having this problem again, I do not like the waste. It'd be great if anyone could point me to a machine that can be repaired when something like this happens. I want just a washer this time rather than a washer-dryer.

    How many people are using the machine? - family of 3, 2 adults and one kid
    How many loads of washing per day are you doing roughly? - probably about 5 per week
    Do you line dry or use a tumble dryer? - mostly line dry (I guess entirely line dry after I get rid of the washer-dryer!!)
    Do you have size limits to what you can fit? the current machine is 85x60x64 and just fits the space so probably no bigger than this
    Have you any special needs? - my son has eczema and we have to use a lot of ointments on him. The ointments ate a hole through the rubber door seal of the washer-dryer after about 4 years. I reckon this could happen again if he doesn't grow out of the condition so an easily replaceable rubber seal is needed.
    What sort of budget you have. - Haven't discussed this with my other half but it doesn't have to be el cheapo

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