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  • Freestanding 60cm Dual fuel cooker

    Hello all,

    I'm after a new cooker, and could do with advice from someone who knows. I have read all the articles here/elsewhere about own-brand brands, companies that own other companies and such, but I seem to be going round in circles.

    I'm after a 60cm Dual fuel cooker, up to £600 at a push.

    As far as I can remember reading the Hotpoint/Whirlpool/Indesit ones are cheap and nasty, and parts/technical info difficult to source.

    Stoves/Glen Dimplex seem to sound ok but on the brands to avoid info list apparently the company is a shambles and parts and diagrams are impossible to get.

    Zanussi sounds as though its the best of a bad bunch.

    Own brand companies are the devil.. service and support tends to be disastrous.

    It all seems a bit doom and gloom, and I feel as though I'm being dissuaded from every option by one article or another. If someone familiar with this could shed a ray of sunshine on this for me, it'd be much appreciated.

    At the moment I'm looking at this: KENWOOD CK234DF SL 60 cm Dual Fuel Cooker

    ... I know its curry's own brand but in the Brand info page it didn't sound too bad (DeLonghi are respectable, right??). Plus i'm not sure how up-to-date it is.

    Thanks in advance


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