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Purchasing a condensor/heat pump dryer - Which are the better, budget machines?



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  • Purchasing a condensor/heat pump dryer - Which are the better, budget machines?

    Hi all,

    I'm in the market for a new tumble dryer and was hoping I might be able to get some advice from the good people on here regarding the best (read, reliable/solid perfoming) condensor or heat-pump dryer I should look out for that is in my price range (£350-£450) as I'm a tad confused what to get at the moment. Stupid long post so apologies ahead of time if I bore the pants off anyone ;p). Hoping I win the longest post of the year award straight off the bat!

    Up until last week I had an Indesit IDVA735 vented dryer and although nothing was wrong with it, I'm simply fed up with having dust all over the place. Unfortunately the location of the dryer did/does not lend itself to using the vent hose. It's not near to any external walls, no room behind the appliance to fit and feed the vent hose as it's crammed against the wall/kitchen counter and so on, therefore I've decided I ought to go down the condensor-type route now. Sure the kitchen smelt nice in operation but all that condensation and dust, I'm sure, is a bit of a health hazard!

    Initial thinking was I should go for a heat pump dryer. Typically, I don't put my decent stuff in the dryer at all anyway as I figure all the lint on the filter has to come from somewhere, i.e. your lovely (sometimes costly) clothing fabric so I thought a heat-pump dryer, which is supposedly gentler on clothes might well enable me to dry a few more things other than towels, bedding and cheap stuff I'm not worried about wearing out prematurely. Coupled with the energy/cost-saving initiative it seemed the better choice. But now after reading your buyers guide on the forum here, I think a standard condenser might be a better option as they're slightly cheaper to buy and therefore might enable me to shoot for something from a better 'brand?'

    When I first had my pea-brain idea to get rid of my dryer and buy something else, I came across the BEKO Pro DTBP8011W at Curry's and thought to myself, "that'll do!" Heat pump, reasonable price, free delivery, great! (Although at the time of writing, this unit is currently out of stock). So, I went ahead and sold the Indesit on Facebook and as I'm about to pull the trigger on the paranoias set in...

    "1 year warranty?"
    "What if it fails a couple of years down the line?"
    "The internals surely are not as simple as a vented dryer, so more to go wrong maybe? More costly to repair?"
    "Hmm..wonder if there's anything better?"

    I thought about purchasing the Curry's 5yr warranty at £89.99. Ok, that might be an idea...but now we're pushing the budget up again. Wondered what else was out there of similar quality with a longer warranty? And is a £329 BEKO actually going to be any good? So the research began again..

    The Grundig GTN38250MGCW looked ok with 5yr warranty but some reviews state the soft-touch buttons being a little unresponsive, noise concerns and excessive drying times put me off a bit.

    Reviews for the Blomberg LTH3842W seem to be generally quite decent. Buyers/reviewers all seem to be very happy with their purchase. I like the fact you can choose whether to use the RapiDry function when time is of the essence or A+++ cycles when you can afford to wait a bit longer. But, after reading the 'What's In A Name?' post and watching the excellent video on manufacturing practices, I'm kind of back at square one, worrying about reliability/inferior products.

    If you guys have any direction or suggestions I'd really appreciate your advice, i.e is it better to buy a cheap BEKO heat pump, put up with the longer drying times and pay for 5yr Warranty, pip for a hybrid like the Blomberg or am I better spending a bit more and going for a straight condensor from a so-called 'better brand' and go about my life worrying about other s***!

    To summarise, vented is not an option. The dryer, typically, is used about 3-4 times a week max. so not heavy usage and I figure the time it would take to realise any monetary savings against the higher ticket price of heat-pump might well be a moot point. Gentler on clothes is great but won't kill me to use radiators for my preferred garments as I have been doing so far. Prefer it to have a 'time-remaining' indicator too

    It's likely I'm asking a lot given my budget, unfortunately I'm not at Miele, AEG, etc, type money yet, but if I could get an idea of the more reliable machines you guys have had experience of owning/using/working with, that dry accurately using the sensor-drying programs and with a decent bit of warranty/peace of mind, or if indeed my thinking is flawed in any way, then I look forward to hearing your ideas.

    Many thanks,

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    Personal opinion: If you can't have a vented dryer, buy a good condenser dryer. They're more efficient than the heat pump. Try to get one that has at least a B energy rating or better. Whichever you decide to go for, you can save yourself some money by putting the clothes through a high speed spin before putting in the dryer. This can cut down your drying times / costs quite a bit.
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      Thanks for the reply specialist. I think I’m definitely leaning towards the condenser. Thankfully my trusty old Zanussi has a 1600 spin so clothes don’t take too long to dry. Full load was under an hour in the vented indesit..


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        Your welcome: Not sure if you know, but Condenser dryers do take slightly longer to dry than a traditional vented dryer.
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          Originally posted by Specialist01269 View Post
          Your welcome: Not sure if you know, but Condenser dryers do take slightly longer to dry than a traditional vented dryer.
          And a heat pump will take even longer!!

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            Yep: Thanks Don, I totally forgot about that. ​​​​​​
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