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Teka Hob Ignitor Problems



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  • Teka Hob Ignitor Problems

    Hi. I have a Teka Gas Hob Model "EM60 4G AI AL" which I must say I am overall very happy with. However over the last year or so the piezo electric ignitor system appears to have developed a life of its own as A) sometimes it will not turn off on its own when the knob is released and then the only way to stop the ignitor clicking is to rapidly pull/push the knobs (the piezo electric system is one common system operated by all the hob knobs NOT individual to each gas ring so all the 4 piezo electric ignitors work regardless of which hob knob you press) for a variable time until the clicking stops & B) other times the ignitor decides to start clicking even if nobody has touched the knob or in many cases even when nobody is in the kitchen - Gremlins all over the shop !!! I have on a couple of occasions had an electrician look at it, he/she plays with the system & then announces that it's fixed. The Ignitor plays ball with the electrician until he/she is out of sight & then goes back to its normal tricks. All this is on an ad hoc basis and at the moment I am living with the problem BUT it would be nice to be able to know if it can be fixed or not & if it can then what to do !! I have tried to contact Teka Technical for advice but I cannot find an email address for them.

    Is there anyone out there who may be able to help/advise me on a solution??

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    So far as I am aware Teka ceased trading in the UK so support fo r them is pretty much non-existent now.

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      It may just be the switches on the knobs gummed up with age. if that's the case a quick clean and a bit of wd40 in the right place may cure it


      you need a gas safe engineer to look at is as its a gas appliance



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        Thanks both of you. As I'm actually located in Spain we follow different rules over here about who can/cannot play with gas (like there are hardly any, apart from the 4-5 yearly gas safety inspection on appliances, and nothing like the hellish rules you have to comply with in UK). Also we don't have mains gas (it's all butane/propane bottles) disconnecting is very simple. When I've got time I'll try the clean suggestion, take it apart, clean the gas control parts & see what happens.


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