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    Hi. Hope someone can help with what has become a huge headache for us! We rent a property and have a diplomatic integrated gas oven. Itís an old model. We have bought a house due to complete next month so will be leaving the property very soon. I accidentally knocked one of our heavy dining chairs over which hit the front of the oven and smashed the front glass panel on the door. Initially we thought it wouldnít be a problem; worst scenario new door, but thought might be able to get glass anyway. The appliance is discontinued but we managed to get a new door matching model number. Gas repair guy came out but said couldnít repair door as would have to take oven out and also no instructions on how to remove door. We have purchased instruction manual online but it doesnít give instructions on how to remove oven door. We have rang round a few people who ask for photos but then say they canít do it. What are out options here? We wanted to avoid replacing the entire oven as we are leaving the property in less than a month, and integrated gas ovens are very expensive. Weíve been told gas repairers will not fit second hand ovens so it has to be new. Is there anyone anywhere that would be able to fit a door on an oven?

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    doors can fit in various ways

    would need a model and your pics



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