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Prima LPR9022 Randomly Shuts Off and Starts Up Again



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  • Prima LPR9022 Randomly Shuts Off and Starts Up Again


    I have a Prima LPR 9022 Integrated Oven - I believe this comes under the Indesit/Hotpoint/Whirlpool group.

    Recently, it has started behaving oddly. There are three control knobs on the front: function (LHS), timer (centre), temperature (RHS).

    The function knob offers 4 functions which are (clockwise):
    1) light
    2) defrost (just the fans turn on)
    3) fan oven
    4) grill

    When function 3 is selected, the central fan comes on, the element heats up, the oven light comes on and the thermostat light comes on. However, every now and then the entire oven shuts down - no fan, heat, no lights. This appears to happen randomly. After a period of time, the oven starts up again.

    I have exposed the wiring and nothing looks untoward. I have tugged at the various spade connections but they don't trigger the shutdown. When it has shut down, I've attempted to work out where the power break is (using a multimeter), but just as I get round to checking, the damn thing starts again. It does not shutdown long enough for me to make any meaningful diagnosis - and as it appears to happen randomly, I don't know when I can check.

    I had a look at the control knob and I thought some of the copper prongs weren't making contact as well as they should be so just bent them a little more to ensure contact when the knob rotates. That has not made much difference. Tugging at the wires seems to rule out loose connections.

    I have got a copy of the wiring diagram (page 6 in and can see it uses
    1) a thermolimiter for the cooling fan
    2) an A class thermolimiter
    3) a thermofuse

    The only thing I can see which might control all of the impacted components is item #3 i.e. the thermofuse however I didn't think that was an automatic resetable switch? And if that was tripping presumably that would indicate a failure elsewhere? Tthe thermolimiters seem to only control the cooling fan.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
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    sounds like the cooling fan (not the one inside the oven) is not working and the overheat thermostat is doing its job



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