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ZYB460X trips main fuse on pyro clean after 30 minutes



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  • ZYB460X trips main fuse on pyro clean after 30 minutes

    This is about the following Zanussi oven -
    product id 94971326801
    SERIAL NO 21006884

    The oven works fine, but when it is put into pyro clean mode and is about 30 minutes into its150 minute clean, it trips the main fuse in the home. Then displays F5 which I believe to be the overheating error code. Once cooled down the error code goes and the oven can then be used as normal again, but it has not cleaned obviously

    Looking on
    I see that there are two themostats available for this model
    3890818010 Top / Main Oven Sensor and 3570560031 Oven Safety Thermostat

    Any ideas as to how much a repair might cost please?
    I am in Crawley, West Sussex.

    Many Thanks

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    I am here guessing with a bit with logic thrown in

    if the temp sensor was faulty I would expect the normal oven operating temperatures to be high as well and I assume you are not burning anything

    from the tech on this oven the F05 fault displays when the temp in the oven gets over a certain fixed value. I an guessing but I think that value is raised when on the clean cycle from 350 degrees to 530. if that is the case this is what I think may be happening

    you set the oven to clean and the temp rises. it rises through 350 degrees and continues to climb. As it gets hotter a fault in one of the elements gets bad enough to blow the trip in the house. you reset the trip, but now the programmer detects a temp above 350 degrees and displays F05
    if it was just an overheat problem I would expect F05 to display but the unit not to trip

    you could test this by getting the temp above 350 degrees and switch the oven off from the wall before it trips to see if F05 displays

    the problem is measuring the temp. the oven thermometer on this site seem only to get to 250 degrees this one


    will prob get to 325 at a push and after that who knows

    at a guess I would look at the lower element as this one is not used as much unless you use convection mode instead of the main fan oven element



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      Thanks for the info, it's appreciated.
      I have the same oven thermometer as the one you linked to, so no help there except by guesswork as you say.
      I have no real idea which element is in use in normal cooking as all it ever really gets used for is standard cooking with the fan in use and temperature set to 180 - 200.
      The other problem is that the temp setting has a max of 250 but I am trying that now, to see if it does get overhot. Will let you know what occurs
      Thank you


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        you oven will have 2 modes of cooking in the oven using 2 different sets of elements

        fan oven mode which uses the round element at the rear round the fan and convection cooking which uses the top grill element and another element under the floor

        try both modes, you may have to look up the owners manual to find which. convection is normally depicted as 2 horizontal bars where as the fan oven is normally a circle ( but not always)



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          I set it to its max in what they call fan cooking it went to 250 and stayed there constantly.
          Tried it on pyro clean, at 25 mins (5 minutes before it usually trips), the thermometer was banging on its stop, so at least 350 i would say. Switched the oven off at the wall switch and doing that tripped the main fuse again. There was No F5 displaying once it was switched back on again though.
          I am currently waiting for it to cool down enough before I try using the elements on their own obviously.
          Shall I go ahead and test those as you said, given what has now occurred please?

          Just so you know, the entire kitchen was rewired only 2 weeks ago by my housing association. New mains wire taken from the dual fuse box through to the kitchen and all new sockets and connections fitted and tested.


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            Update, I went to try one of the modes but when I moved to dial to any of the settings, the F5 error code shows, even though the ovens temp now shows at 150, but the outside top edge where the controls are, is way to hot to try and touch, I would burn myself if i held a finger there for even 1 second.


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              okay now gone through all of the possible combinations, with the following results. All were done with the oven thermometer in place to record the temps.

              On Conventional cooking (no fan I presume but it doesn't specify that) - heats both from the top and bottom element. it reached its max temp of 280 with no problems, I could also switch it off at the wall switch without it affecting the main fuse.

              on Dual grill - uses full grill element, max temp of 250 reached and no problem with house fuse when switching off at wall switch

              on thermal grilling, using top element and fan - says in the manual that a max of 200 is set, yet using temp control it could be set for 250?
              Temp did indeed reach 250 and no problem switching it off at the wall switch.

              on fan cooking max temp of 250 is reached and no problem switching off at the wall switch


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                what I would do in this case would be to take the unit out and run it with the back off till it tripped then measure the insulation resistance of the elements to see if one is low
                I still think an element is most likely problem but the problem is finding which one



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                  That would be beyond my ability sadly. I May be able to get my neighbour to help out if he is willing. he is a retired Miele field engineer/ manager, so not only has all the equipment I'm sure but also the knowledge of what the heck he would be doing.

                  Any other advice I can pass on to him (if he is willing to help out that is) ?


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                    no just tell him that we think the insulation resistance of the elements get lower as they get hot

                    he will need to take the oven out and put it on something ( I use a b&d workmate) then get it hot and measure the resistance while its hot



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                      okay, thanks, hopefully I can persuade him to help me out. I will get back to you once any progress is made.


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