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NEFF SD13J1F pulsing lights and sound (drain pump?)

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  • NEFF SD13J1F pulsing lights and sound (drain pump?)

    Originally report was pump kept running and machine did not stop and a burning smell. I'm not sure of the smell.

    Anyway did checks inside machine, all clean, pump impeller okay, could rotate sort of lumpy, is it a permanent magnet motor and I was feeling the poles? Found drain hose completely blocked at the waste end. Removed matrix to get the drain hose off and cleaned out. All reassembled, put some water in the base. Now when turn it on some of the lights pulse on and off at the same time as there is a noise I assume from the pump. Not investigated further yet but cannot find any advice anywhere about the pulsing lights.

    Any idea of cause of lights? I assume they at least mean there's a fault. Could the drain pump have failed pumping against a blockage? Is this a common failure? If I lift the float valve the noise is continuous so I assume it's the pump.

    Any other advice?
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