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AEG OKO Favorit 50750VI - leak prevention



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  • AEG OKO Favorit 50750VI - leak prevention

    Christmas day and the dishwasher decides to play up....

    At the end of a cycle, it started beeping (3 beep cycle - according to the manual it is the leak prevention system). The pump was running continuously, even when powered off.

    I took out and cleaned the filters at the bottom. There was 1cm of water underneath the filter. I managed to syphon out the water. I then ran a programme with an empty dishwasher. All seemed fine but then at the end of the programme, again the 3 beep cycle and the pump running continuously This time there was no water underneath the filter.

    Any ideas what is triggering the leak prevention?
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    the leak prevention system is located in the base of the machine below the floor. There is a float mounted in the base where the motors and works are. If there is a leak this float aborts the cycle and turns on the pump



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      Thanks Dave. Could it be blocked by something then? Is it possible for me to access the leak prevention system and make sure it's all clear and that the float is all fine?


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        its possible a block may cause the leak as is a component failure and over foaming.

        you can access the leak prevention system as it is only a float and a switch in the bottom of the machine by removing the covers

        the only picture I can find of it is

        the bottom of the machine is tanked so any leak will lift the float and stop the cycle



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          Thanks, Dave.

          I took the side panels off and located the leak prevention float (looked like a rectangle of polystyrene in the middle of the base). There was about 1-2mm of water around it.

          I sponged out as much water as I could and ran a pre-wash programme without the covers on. I couldn't see any sign of a leak, although I did notice that there is a sort of outlet pipe that led down into the base (some sort of overflow?). Could that have let water out at some point?

          Anyway, I put the covers back on and ran a full programme. No error beeps this time.

          So I'm not sure if I have solved the problem, as I don't know what caused the water in the base, but for the time being it is running okay.

          Thanks again for all your help.


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            pipe is an overflow from wash compartment, check the door seals especially at the bottom of the door. This can get gunked up and unless you put your head in the dishwasher you cant see it. Check all wash bars for blocked jets ( bits of glass, rice etc)

            it could just be a plate in an aqward place or a bit of foaming caused it so dont worry unless it happens again quickly



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              Thanks again, Dave.

              It's run twice now without a problem but I'll do a thorough clean of all the door seals etc and keep my fingers crossed.

              Thanks for being so helpful as always.


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