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  • HOTPOINT FDL570 issue?

    Hi there, I hope some one can help me as I am struggling to fix an issue with our Dishwasher.

    We have a Hotpoint FDL570, around 6 months ago the machine stoped working and displayed some flashing lights which pointed me towards the heater element, very handy so I replaced and all has been well for around 6 months.

    now this is where I am lost as I seem to have a new issue but it's not displaying any error lights.

    About 1 week ago the machine was stuck on a wash cycle and water would be left in the bottom of the dish washer.

    I checked the the water flow and that's fine, checked the drain away motor and that's fine, it just seems to get stuck.

    I thought it might be a faulty cycle motor so I replaced that, set it to a wash mode and all was good and I thought it was solved.

    however I am still getting issues where some times it will work fine and complete a cycle.

    Some times the cycle pump will bot kick in but just heat up the water.

    I placed the machine on a speed wash (40min I think) and 2 hrs later it's still on wash mode buy has stopped half way though with water in the bottom.

    it seems to have a mind of its own.

    I can't seem to get it to display any flashing lights either to give me an error code?

    is there a way I can hold down buttons to gain codes or any one have ideas ????

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