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Whirlpool DW416 - Nine Flash/Constant beeping fault

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  • Whirlpool DW416 - Nine Flash/Constant beeping fault

    Morning all, some advice please.

    My own machine, a Whirlpool/Ikea DW416 - 854241615710 Ser: 330324004640. (around 15 years old)

    Was an intermittent 9 flash, which was usually cleared with power on/off, but has now become non clearable. Usually happened near end of cycle.

    Pump is clear, with no standing water, and has 145 ohms across terminals, which isnt too far away from an expected 200 ohms, but might be source of trouble ?

    Pressure sensor had some food lodged in it under grid filter and has been replaced with new. Float working and dry in leak catchment area underneath.

    Ran once, then back to 9 flash..

    So, is it the pump, or something else..?

    Many thanks in advance


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    9 flashes is the water inlet sensor. its a small reed switch on the left hand side of the unit changed loads for this fault

    have you also checked for broken wires in the door very common with this model



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      Aha, great thanks for reply - No, not checked any wires, other than a glance at the multi connection block low down next to rear wheel adjustment, but assume you mean 'in' the front door..?

      Thanks for input so far.


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        As a follow up, have opened door up and found broken earth wire only. I'll re-connect that and order new reed switch which comes as one with fill chamber only apparently .. Hope that sounds right, Cheers


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          this is only a reed switch attached to a small printed circuit board. you should be able to remove the board and its likely rs part number 362-2495 will fit just needs to be soldered in and way less the the 3o odd pounds I saw the part for

          look for rs components on google



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            Ah, i see. Admin at store here pointed me at the complete fill chamber which must come with reed switch as part of it - 3 or 30..! thanks for reply