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Check water light and machine stops mid cycle - Bosch slimline Exxcel SPS53E18GB / 23




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  • Check water light and machine stops mid cycle - Bosch slimline Exxcel SPS53E18GB / 23

    My 4 year old Bosch dishwasher has started cutting out mid wash cycle. The check water light comes on and it's left full of water.

    I removed the waste water pump filter and there didn't appear to be anything blocking the impeller, it turned freely.

    I ran a test cycle with the hose in a bowl and it does pump water. All seemed fine and ran as it should initially.

    It was a 29 minute "quick" cycle. It counted down to 14 minutes normally, during which it pumped out once into the bowl, but then the timer jumped back to 23 minutes which was odd.

    It seemed to still be making all the right noises though, still water sloshing about inside. Then when it got to 21 minutes (again) it stopped completely, the display showed 0:00 and the check water light came on.

    Any ideas on how to fix it would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Having washed by hand for three weeks (the horror) I thought I'd just try the dishwasher again and it worked perfectly for 6 washes before stopping again tonight with the same fault.

    Could it be that some sort of switch is being tripped? By leaving it for three weeks the water causing the issue evaporated or by moving the machine I'd dislodged something? Clutching at straws here...


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      I checked the base tray this afternoon and it looks dry as a bone with no sign of any leaks so it doesn't look like water is triggering the float switch. Any Suggestions for any other areas/components to check much appreciated? Thank you