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Bosch Dishwasher: Check tap light flashes but no apparent issues with draining



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  • Bosch Dishwasher: Check tap light flashes but no apparent issues with draining


    We started having an issue with our dishwasher today. The "Check tap" light started flashing (shown below, minus the flashing light)

    According to the manual, this is an issue with the tap or draining.

    I checked and couldn't find anything clogging the drain. The water level looks like this (maybe 1-2 cm of water)

    If I add clean water to the dishwasher and turn it on, it will drain down to about this level, which makes it me believe it's not blocked.

    I opened the cover and checked for any debris and turned the impeller to make sure it can rotate freely.

    To give you an idea of the water level, the impeller is about 90% submerged in water.

    We've used the dishwasher almost daily for the past 4 weeks without problems until now. Before this problem happened, I added salt to the salt tank and did a cleaning cycle with nothing but this cleaning product:

    I am confused: the dishwasher seems to be draining fine. Water is presumably coming into the system since the cleaning pack was empty after the cleaning cycle.

    Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you!
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    have you got the Enr number for the unit + the FD number

    a lot of the times this number is on top of the door on the silver bit and is a see through lable so hard to see



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      Yes! Sorry I had those written down but forgot to include them:

      FD 9205


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        ok FD number gives me may 2012

        most likely in this is the switch that counts the water in. its at the left hand side in the heat exchanger unit

        go to

        put in your Enr and you will get a list of parts

        go to page 4 item 0405 part no 611317

        ignore the plastic case it is in you are just fitting the little board

        cant ever be 100% it will cure it but its highly likely as its a common fault



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          Thank you Dave for the reply!

          Is this something I can likely replace myself? The dishwasher is in-built, is this something that will require the dishwasher to be taken out?

          As another data point: I've turned off the dishwasher overnight and next day it seemed fine. I did another proper cycle with dishes in and the cycle ended with the same error, however the dishes were cleaned and there was no excess water in the dishwasher.

          Does this sound like it could be the problem you describe?


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            yes its got to come out

            if it completes a cycle first time and then fail and it does this on a regular basis then it may be just fluke or it maybe a board fault

            its not a hard thing to change just a bit fiddly



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              Thank you Dave and apologies for the late reply. The dishwasher sometimes runs fully without an issue, I'll keep an eye on it and will order the replacement component should it act up again. Thanks again for your help and tips!


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