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Bosch SHV55M03 failure



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  • Bosch SHV55M03 failure

    My dishwasher was doing a rinse cycle the other day when I opened to check if it had completed the cycle and found the display blank and the machine totally unresponsive.

    There was still water in the unit but this could be because I opened the machine before it completed the cycle. It was as if there was no power at all. Plug fuse was checked and found to be OK. I took the control panel apart and it doesn't appear like there is a thermal cutout fuse. I found a second hand replacement control board, fitted that in and all seemed OK. Machine display back to normal and I left it to do a normal wash.

    At one point I could hear knocking sounds coming from the machine. I opened the adjacent cupboard where the drain hose is and could see the drain hose move around with the knocking sounds. I opened the machine and again found the display blank. Again there was undrained water in the unit and the machine seemed dead. Looking at both circuit boards, it seems that a surface mount triac and a couple of transistors are burning out. I could see this same damage on both the original and the replacement circuit boards. This makes me think there is some component that has failed and in turn is causing the controller board to fail.

    I am suspecting the drain pump, but I would imagine this is connected to a relay, rather than the triacs.

    Photo of control board can be found here:

    Any ideas or insight would be of great help. A circuit diagram of this particular model could also help identify what is busting the triac and transistors.


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    chances are with the current that flowed through that its blown the main chip so its a new board anyway. add that to what might have caused it and it probably not worth repairing



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