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Zanussi ZDT11001FA completes cycle but does not wash



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  • Zanussi ZDT11001FA completes cycle but does not wash

    Hi all

    I have a Zanussi ZDT11001FA dishwasher that runs its full cycle but nothing is washed. It seems no water is getting to the washer compartment. I first suspected the water supply or inlet filter so I checked these and they are fine. Removing the side of the machine and starting a cycle I can see the water entering the machine and through the water softener but it goes no further. Some water does seem to drain out as I can hear the drain pump and flow through the sink plug hole. I can hear relays switching but the normal motor sound is not present and nothing comes out of the spray arms. I am suspecting the main pump failing but it's an expensive part to buy if it's not going to be the fix. Does anybody have any suggestions?


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    Try to use this troubleshooter that uses AI to help users to fix their dishwasher and if you have some feedback do not hesitate


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      Thanks! It's the pump as I suspected: Replace the circulation pump

      There is an issue with the circulation pump. First, ensure that power is getting to the motor. Second, to ensure that the impeller is working, check the pump casing for debris. If power is getting to the motor and the pump is clear of debris, the motor may need to be replaced.
      Be aware that the circulation pump may be challenging to replace, although many do-it-yourselfers have been successful with the replacement.

      Clever system.


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        The dishwasher is not very good; I hate the racks as nothing stacks properly. Since it's already 7 years old I think I'm just going to replace the machine. I like the look of the new Hotpoint ones and they seem to get decent reviews.


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