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Bosch KGH34X43GB/09 Fridge not cooling - how to access fan



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  • Bosch KGH34X43GB/09 Fridge not cooling - how to access fan


    I have a bosch KGH34X43GB/09 that's approximately 9 years old.
    Recently the fridge stopped staying cold and is now not working. The freezer part works fine.

    I've managed to remove the back insulation panel which i think exposes the bottom of the fan and this was a little iced up and removed the ice.
    I've checked to see if any air is circulating via the fan vents on the insides however it isnt.
    I'd like to remove the evaporator panel which sits in the first shelf of the freezer (the top) and there are 2 screws at the top, which have come out. However i'm not sure what's securing it at the back as it doesn't want to come out. I'm not sure if brute force is needed or if there are hidden clips.

    An engineer has been out and within a couple of seconds said he felt it was the fan, which needs repairing. Despite paying a call out fee and many attempt to have him come and repair, he's not attended. Hnece I'm trying to carry out the repair / replacement of the fan myself.

    Any ideas on how to remove the evaporator panel and subsequently replace the fan?

    Thank you in advance.

    How do i remove the evaporator panel?
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    have you tried a complete defrost

    turn it of, door open for 2 days



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      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the reply.

      No not for 2 days. Perhaps 2 hours at most, with a hairdryer at a distance.
      Is a 2 day defrost likely to make a difference?


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        if there is ice build up behind the rear covers then a few hours wont crack it. A lot of these units the fridge is fed by cold air from the freezer. to allow this air to get there are 2 tubes. One for air in and 1 for air out. If either of these are blocked or the fan fails then result is warm fridge

        anyway it can do any harm to try it and it costs nothing which is my kind of cost



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          Yep i suspect its fed with cold air too.
          Will try and let it defrost for 2 days. Hopefully this will resolve the issue.

          In your experience do fans fail?


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