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Samsung RSG5DURS Side by Side Fridge Freezer - Fridge Side not cooling



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  • Samsung RSG5DURS Side by Side Fridge Freezer - Fridge Side not cooling

    Hi all,

    Anyone here able to help?

    Got a Samsung side by side fridge freeze RSG5DURS. The Freezer side is working fine, but the fridge side is not cooling.

    The LEDs on front can be set to whatever temp and it shows that, but when you open the door, the fridge appears to be room temperature even when its set to 1 degrees. I also unplugged and switched on after a while and there are no errors coming up anywhere. Tried powercool, but no fans or anything are kicking in.

    Emptied it out and took the cover off where the fan is and radiator thingy and there is no ice build up, the fan spins freely as well.

    Took the cover of the PCB on the back and could smell a slight burning chemically smell, but the board looks ok, no burnt components and the capcactitors appear to be fine.

    See Pics for more info:

    Any ideas?

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    Now the fridge side is showing 14 degrees constantly (even when switched off and back on) and food is going off, especially milk.
    Any ideas?


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      on most fridges of this type there is a flap valve in the fridge that switches on or off the airflow to the fridge dependant on temp. Its possible this valve has failed.

      my logic tells me that since the temp reading on the front display is correct then the temp sensor in the fridge may be ok

      don't do a lot of fridges and not a great lover of Samsung so I may be wrong on this but since no one else had chipped in thought I would start the ball moving



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