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Leibherr 3033 fridge freezer, fridge problems.



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  • Leibherr 3033 fridge freezer, fridge problems.

    Service Number 0905862-00
    Serial Number
    Model Number 7081 946-00


    The fridge on our fridge freezer is struggling to keep proper temperature with it also being at the coldest setting.
    Two or three times a week the alarm will come on, so we put the super boost on, but it doesn't seem to be as cold as it should be.

    About three weeks ago we had problems with the freezer freezing, (the fridge was fine then).
    We called out an engineer who replaced the pcb, no. 6113842 and a sensor kit, 9590206.
    The freezer was then ok, but then the fridge started playing up as previously described.
    This cost us 250.00

    (We had similar problems with the fridge seven years ago, and had a sensor kit 9590142 fitted which solved the problem then)

    So not sure what to do, don't really want to call the engineer out that will cost me more money with parts/labour.
    However, if I knew what the problem was, and if it needed a new sensor somewhere, and I knew which one to replace, I wouldn't mind just buying the part and doing it myself.

    Many thanks in advance,


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    Hi Tim, there are 3 sensors on this unit, 2 in the fridge and 1 in the freezer, which sensor did he replace ? and I do not know of any reason why the board would need to be replaced unless it was stopping the whole unit from working, you cannot set the freezer temperature only the fridge, but even when the fridge is set to 9c the freezer should reach -18 and will get colder the lower you set the fridge temperature. 9590206 sensors are the new kits replacing the older version 9590142, only difference is the connection, the new kit is in a sealed box allowing if required to be in the interior, whereas the old kit connection had to be outside of the unit. Are you getting any ice/ frost build up on the rear plastic wall of the freezer ?


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      Hi Tony,

      Many thanks for reply and apologies for late answer.
      I wanted to make sure the fridge was running ok for a few weeks before I replied.
      I contacted the engineer who had came out previously, and he said he would return, and only charge me for any parts and not his labour, which I thought was very good.
      This he did, and replaced two sensors, one of which he had previously installed, so he only charged me for the one sensor.
      So all working well I really appreciated the engineer returning and giving his labour for free.



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        Thanks Tim, I am glad its all working fine now, and no need to keep it a secret that I was the Engineer, in both cases.


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