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Help with Miele*KFN12924SD. Warm fridge, cold freezer & temperature alarm.



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  • Help with Miele*KFN12924SD. Warm fridge, cold freezer & temperature alarm.

    Hi all.

    I've got a problem with a 6 year old Miele KFN12924SD Fridge Freezer.

    The model
    Miele KFN12924SD
    Nr. 46/ 120287395
    Index 20J 164
    Class SN-T
    Ap-Type 5 6306 3

    The problem is that the fridge is warm, and the freezer temperature alarm is going off, despite the fact the freezer is still cold. I've scoured the internet, the problem is likely to be either...

    * Evaporator & ducting is iced up (which it was - absolutely solid)
    * Evaporator temperature sensor has failed (which it may have in the first place, which is the cause of the icing up).

    Given the level of the ice in the evaporator, and the fact nothing in the freezer has defrosted makes me think the compressor is working correctly, so the problem is probably not expensive.

    I've completely defrosted the freezer, turned it all back on, and the warning light is still flashing. This makes me think that the sensor is showing too high a temperature, so is constantly driving the freezer, and thinks that it can't get it cold enough.

    There's actually someone with something similar to my problem on these forums:

    A suggestion for that problem was to replace the sensor.

    I've stripped the freezer down inside, removed the rear plate/ducting assembly. This has exposed the fan unit, a very heavily iced evaporator.

    There seems to be a white wire going inside the evaporator which I'm assuming is the evaporation sensor/thermistor.

    I've looked online for the evaporator sensor.

    Amazon have this one...

    This is an official Miele part, whose internal part number is 7323302.

    UK White Goods sell a pattern part ... This shows that it is an alternative to the Miele part number 7323302.

    When I contacted UK White Goods sales, they said that the part I'm after is a Miele specific part and can only be purchased from Miele themselves. Miele have said that they won't sell me the part without a 125 engineers visit to fit it.

    Can anyone help?

    Does it sound like the evaporator sensor?
    Does it look like the 2 parts above (amazon and whitegoods) are compatible with the sensor that's failed?



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    Hi Pete,
    The evaporator sensor controls the end of the defrost and the fan, you can order and fit part 9590206 from here, the Miele KFN12924SD is the same as a Liebherr CN3913 and has the same sensors.
    Regards, Tony.


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      Ordered and dispatched.

      The freezer defrost has helped slightly in that the fridge is now cold again. The warning light went off, but came back on again when I turned the freezer off to re-fit the rear panel.

      Hopefully I'll be able to get it fitted tonight. Also hope it comes with instructions as I've no idea how to remove the existing sensor, unless it's a case of "Jam it anywhere in the evaporator that it'll fit"



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