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Logik Fridge Freezer LFC55W13 - Fridge Over-freezing



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  • Logik Fridge Freezer LFC55W13 - Fridge Over-freezing


    I have a Logik fridge freezer, model LFC55W13.

    Recently we discovered that powdery ice is now collecting on the back vertical wall of the fridge - even when the thermostat is set to the lowest setting.

    This has caused food in the fridge to become frozen so it has been discarded.

    I have checked the seals and they all look in tact (I have previously switched the door over when we first got the appliance a few years ago, but the problem has only recently developed in the last month). To be sure, I went over them with a warm hair dryer and coaxed them to expand further (the seal was already good).

    The freezer seems to be working correctly at the moment.

    I have reviewed the other advice pages which suggest that this is caused by an ingress of air into the machine. A faulty thermostat would result in food freezing but no powdery ice. I have both!

    We called out an engineer who suggested it may be a problem with the "PCB" (?) but on that type of machine he can't access it. I'm inclined to think it is the thermostat.

    Can the fridge be repaired? Is it worth it? Are there any other diagnostic checks I can do to narrow down the problem? I would rather not add to landfill if there is a simple fix.

    I know Logik is Curry's "own brand" and is built to a price (i.e. very low) so repairing it may not be economical.


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    I have a similar issue with a beko fridge freezer. Ours runs constantly and causes the back wall of the fridge to ice up. I have read it can be the thermostat or a sensor that is fitted in the back of the insulation in the fridge area. Im reluctant to start spending money on it until I can diagnose the exact problem. Currently running it on a timer plug to stop it running constantly.


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