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  • Faulty Samsung Fridge Freezer

    Hi there

    Looking for some advice in getting a replacement fridge freezer or refund from Samsung.

    I've an 18 month old Samsung RS53K4400SA American-Style Fridge Freezer that stopped working 6 weeks ago. After a couple of engineer visits it was established that the compressor had failed and sent oil round the system. The engineer advised that the fridge couldn't be repaired and will need replacing. This was over 4 weeks ago. I've spoken to Samsung support numerous times. Initially they claimed that they hadn't received the engineer's report but now they're saying that the report is with head office and we just have to wait for them to verify the report.

    So we've been without a fridge or freezer for 6 weeks. We lost all the food in the freezer when it first failed. To add to this we've had the expense and inconvenience of food shopping every day as we've nowhere to store it.

    Does anybody have any experience of getting a replacement or refund from Samsung? Is over 6 weeks to hear from Samsung usual? Right now I've no idea if I'll hear from Samsung tomorrow or in another 6 weeks.

    Many thanks


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    Hi John,

    You'd be better to give the retailer grief and let them do battle with Samsung as it's their responsibility really.

    "Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge" Don Henley

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      I have to agree with Kwatt, samsung are hopeless with support side of things.

      Brilliant make and the kitis usually really good but on the odd occasion something goes wrong they dont want to know.

      Hope you get this sorted out, but im pretty sure they will be able to repair the unit even if the oil had been pushed around the system they can do a flush through and comp change


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        Thanks for the replies.

        Spoke to Currys who spoke to Samsung and eventually the fridge has been returned for a refund. Awful experience dealing with Samsung support though.


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          That's so true,samsung customer service is not that good.


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