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Beko CFP1691W - Is this faulty



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  • Beko CFP1691W - Is this faulty

    Took delivery of a Beko Fridge Freezer on Monday and it just doesn't seem to be getting cold enough, certainly no-where good as my old Hotpoint FFA92(I miss it already).

    I have the multimeter with a cable thermometer extension that I can place in the unit to get a temperature reading.

    Unless I have the dial set to max the temp doesn't get to a regular 4c and -18c and can sit at about 7 to 9c and -11 to -13c.

    The ambient temp has always been well below the 25c when testing including last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

    I have spoken to Beko and they are looking to send an engineer out next Tuesday

    Am I expecting too much from the unit compare to my old Hotpoint or does it sound like there is an issue?

    I have checked the temp in another freezer(Indesit) which hit -18 and both items in the fridge and freezer just don't feel or look as cold as with my old hotpoint.


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    That is too warm.

    The fridge should average +3 - +5˚C.

    The freezer should average -18˚C.

    If they don't, there is a problem.

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      there is something wrong. at those temps you will get food poisoning



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        Thanks guys.

        Anyone with experience of a Beko of that model or similar?

        Just wondering if it is normal to have to dial it above the recommended setting to get the correct temps?

        I know its warm today but still below 25c which the recommended setting is 3.


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          Hello Titch,

          I know you said you took delivery of it monday was this a brand new unit?

          Did you plug it in and run it straight away or did you let the oil settle first?

          Fridge temp needs to be between 2 - 4C and freezer needs to be -18 - -21

          what happens if you crank the dial right up to bring it down in temp and then wind it back abit to where you want it set, does the temperature rise or does it maintain the temp once reached?


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            Hey yeah brand new and i did let it settle for 4 hours as per the manual. if it wasnt is there anything that can be done?


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