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Samsung freezer showing -20c but is a LOT warmer




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  • Samsung freezer showing -20c but is a LOT warmer

    Hello everyone.

    I am hoping someone can help.

    My current Samsung American fridge freezer (Model = RSG5DUMH (But I think this applies to a lot of their models)) shows -20c on the front display and 4c on the fridge display.
    However everything has starting defrosting in side the freezer (stand alone thermometer reads -5c)......... The fridge temperature reads 4c with the same thermometer.

    Following advice from this board I have removed the access panels in the freezer and fridge compartments and visibly checked the"cooling matrix" and they were free from an excess build up of ice.

    I have swapped the temperature sensors at the top of the fridge and freezer with each other but the freezer still shows -20c but actually is -5c.....fridge remained OK.

    I have called out an engineer who touched the black round compressor at the back and said that it is OK and not running excessively hot. The PCB at the back of the freezer, displays an led that was lit constantly showing no faults present.

    I CAN make the freezer go cold by forcing it into power freeze, I then hear the compressor fire up and after a few hours the temp drops to somewhere between -12 and -18c and warm air is blown out from underneath the freezer as per usual.

    In testing I have pressed the 2 top buttons and the display on occasion flashes pointing to "R-DEFROST ERROR".

    I have messaged a few fellow users who have had this problem themselves in recent years but sadly their responses have been that they cut their losses and bought new fridge freezers.

    The item is about 6 years old.

    I am based in North Manchester.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

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    Hello. I'm having exactly the same problem with my Samsung fridge freezer. Did you manage to fix yours?


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      Hi (I have had to open a new account as I have had kiteman password problems)............anyway.

      Sorry to hear you have the same problem, I didn't find a fix for that problem, but I am open to ideas...............

      I have kept the fridge freezer as the fridge side works perfectly and just bough a little chest freezer for the garage.

      The freezer is now 90% empty bar some ice pops, fruit for smoothies and bizarrely yorkshire puddings.

      I have continued to monitor the temp and notices that is goes -18c to 0c and back again in cycles so I am wondering if it is something to do with the defrost circuit.

      I hope you have better look in finding an answer than me, and if you do, could you please update this thread with an answer

      Thanks and good luck


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        Have exactly same problem with my RSH1 can anyone clever please help ! I'm electronic engineer myself but without schematics cant do this fault diagnostic. If someone have service manual for RSH1 would be entirely grateful .