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Whirlpool AMW848/IXL Microwave not heating/cooking well.



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  • Whirlpool AMW848/IXL Microwave not heating/cooking well.

    Hi All - I was seeking some advice if possible with regard an AMW848/IXL Whirlpool microwave.
    I had been noting recently that when cooking (usually at 900w) the time taken to obtain usual results was increasing - Eg - Broccoli would normally steam in 4 mins, but now takes more like 7 or more mins. It seems the microwave has lost some of its power.
    I heated a litre of water at 900w for 1 minute, and found the temperature rise was only about 3 degrees (suggesting a cooking wattage of about 200w, not 900w)

    A lot of information available online relates to a microwave that has stopped heating entirely, but little info about ones which are not heating so much. Is this a symptom of something other than a failed magetron that someone here is familar with (eg a defective thermistor/temp sensor - )

    There are no error codes showing at the moment (though I do recall an "F" code once pop up which went away on a power cycle - but for the life of me I cannot recall the number - anyone with a list of codes which could job my memory) -

    Finally, do these microwaves have any hidden service menu I can check?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    none of the fault codes will give the fault you are experiencing and are in the range of F1 to F13

    Its difficult to diagnose the fault you have got online. yes it sounds like a mag fault but it may be the mag itself or the voltages it needs to function

    As the voltages surrounding these are around 5000V DC with a high likelihood of a fatality if safety precautions are not followed we suggest you get professional help



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      Many thanks for the reply Dave. I appreciate it. (I do not plan to fiddle with this - I am aware that even a fair few electricians will not touch microwaves!)


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