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Repair of de dietrich induction hob



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  • Repair of de dietrich induction hob

    We have a De Dietrich induction hob DT1749V1. Last week there was a loud pop while i was cooking on the centre zone and it tripped a switch on our main fuse board. After I reset this the hob worked with the exception of that centre zone - there is no light,error code or any indication that any power is coming through to that zone. From the research I have done the most likely problem would be the power board (one of three) supplying that area needs replacing.

    My main problem is finding someone to repair it. All the appliance repair centres I have contacted seem do repair everything except induction hobs! The only information they give me is that each manufacturer of induction hobs have their own repair service and we should go directly to them. The big problem is that De Dietrich has gone out of business. Their old web site does redirect me to a site that, in theory, could carry out the repairs, but they don't have anyone operating in my area (Solihull, West Midlands).

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TYIA
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    well the first thing to find out is are any spares available. If you cant buy the spares then finding someone to look at it will not help

    if you can get spares price up a power board and add something for call out and fitting and then figure out if its more cost effective to get a new unit with a full warranty



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      Thanks Dave. Pretty sure we can get the part (if my very amateur diagnosis is correct), but would need an engineer to confirm this. Another BIG problem we have is that we have recently had new granite worktops fitted! Ours is a 90cm hob and there is much less choice in this size for a new replacement. Also the aperture cut in the granite is not proving to be very standard size


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        the general size of the hob seems do able but have the under or overcut the hole in the granite? what size is the hole ?

        from what I can see your hob size is 92.9 x 51 and the hole size should be 90 x 49

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