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Hotpoint TCL770 Condenser Dryer unknown fault



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  • Hotpoint TCL770 Condenser Dryer unknown fault

    thumbna resized.jpg

    Update: I've managed to add an image. All the lights along the bottom are blinking including the one thats on.

    Hotpoint TCL770 Condenser Dryer

    I am unsure what the fault code is. It looks like it would be F02 for the motor if I am reading the fault code right.

    All the lights along the bottom flash not flicker. On the right side, on the vertical lights, The bottom most "End" light is lit green and the "Drying" light yellow is lit

    Can't upload picture because of file restriction but the lights are as follows:

    Empty water 0
    Clean filter 0
    Clean condenser 0
    Drying 1
    Cool Tumble 0
    End 1

    The motor is turning the drum fine. Its a little noisy as I had replaced the belt and pulley a couple of months ago.

    Symptoms are that the dryer runs normally for 30 seconds.

    Then the drum stops rotating , then restarts and all the lights start to flash. There is no heat.

    I unable to stop it using stop or pause button.

    I had an energy monitor showing it was using lots of electric for the first 30 seconds, indicating to me the heater element was on.

    Second test, I switched it to fan only (so no heating) and after 30 seconds, the same issue.

    The heating element looks fine, and I believe the reading from my multimeter indicate it and the thermistor, and 2 thermostats are good.

    The motor has 3 wires from it, I believe I checked them for continuity black red and white. The big capacitor next to the motor might need replacing (but I don't think that would cause the fault) as I was getting a different reading from it than what was stated on it.

    Looking at the pcb, I noticed a burnt trace and I repaired this with some wire and replaced the relay that it was going to.
    I am ok with soldering iron but no expert.

    The old relay seemed to be fine after testing it with a 12v battery.
    All the capacitors look fine.

    Same problem as before,

    With the cover off I can hear some of the relays clicking on and off at the 30 second mark.

    I noticed I could hear a little buzzing sound coming from the board, when the main plug is switched on and the dryer not doing anything.

    I've probably done things out of order repairing an upcoming fault.

    So what does the code mean and what should I check.

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    well the weird thing here is I get this as fault 5

    but you look down the faults and you have a fault 4 and a fault 6 but cant find what 5 means



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      Ok I've added a video clip, link below


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        one the fault code listings I found list F05 as a pump problem
        check that



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