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Hotpoint Condenser Tumble Dryer - SUTCD97B6GM - Attempts to turn, but fails



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  • Hotpoint Condenser Tumble Dryer - SUTCD97B6GM - Attempts to turn, but fails

    Hi all,

    Went through the turmoil of getting a previous Hotpoint model replaced in 2016 due to the fire risk issue.
    Paid a little extra to get a better spec model, but after getting a faulty capacitor replaced in 2018, it's now developed another fault.
    This seems to be intermittent (but quite frequent nevertheless), and has slowly been getting worse (more frequent), over the past 6 months or so.
    Basically, the drum will attempt to turn, make some clicking/watery noise, and fail to turn. It will then try again, and again....and will keep doing so until the dryer is turned off.
    So we can't rely on it any more.
    I'm thinking of getting a repair guy in, but wondered if anyone might have an idea what the issue is, before I pay someone to diagnose.
    I think (I hope), have uploaded a short video of it doing this at the link below.
    Apologies if it doesn't work, it's the first time I've tried sharing a google drive folder.
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    well I have seen stories about the motor used on these later modules and its all bad. Hotpoint as a make is a load of junk these days in my opinion but most other makes have lowered quality to reduce cost as well

    if it is the motor, motor cost about 120 which means the cheapest way is to claim on the 5 years parts warranty and get hotpoint to fit it . Or scrap it

    you also said you paid extra well cant see what for as its the same motor, case and basic works as every other model



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