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Insurer sending video repair company to asses tumble dryer



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  • Insurer sending video repair company to asses tumble dryer

    My insurer has asked Bevalued to send someone round to asses our Siemens heat pump tumble dryer. They have contacted a video repair company. Iíve checked there website and the closest they get to white goods is microwaves.

    my insurer has said they may repair the dryer, well Iím not keen on them having a crack at it.

    can I insists only a Siemens approved engineer fixes it?

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    do you want to tell us the problem you are having.

    not sure if you can insist Siemens do the repair but I think you should be able to expect a suitably qualified engineer



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      Already covered the problem in my other post.

      basics are went on holiday came back and both Miele washing machine and Siemens tumble dryer are acting up on psu.

      Miele has been repaired on warranty, new psu logic card.

      Siemens is still broke. Will run for between 5mins and nearly 2 hours depending on what mood itís in. Then display goes off dead nothing. Wait 2-3 mins then it will let you turn it on.


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        I see did not connect the two due to duplicate posts. one reason why adding multiple posts causes confusion

        well since the power supplies in the dryer are similar to a video they may well have enough experience to diagnose a mains surge fault



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          Video repair company visited. Just looked at the condition of the machine took some pics. I said what it was doing and he said yeah thereís been a lot of storms in the area. He said he would send the details to the insurer and see if they want to repair or replace.

          Now bearing in mind they donít normally repair tumble dryers, and the fact no one has actually tested all the other electronics that are in the machine e.g. large capacitors and mains filters not to mention a compressor, I think I will be contacting the insurance ombudsman if they want a video repair company doing it.


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            just wait and see for now

            we know its board problem and videos have boards too so can suffer the same problems. suppressor will be fine as will large caps this problem is a board power supply problem as far as I can see

            you can find the board prices here


            then you will have an idea of the part prices involved



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              Cheers mate. Yeah I found the board and it was £300 without fitting. Or 230 euros from Siemens Germany. Hmm being in the Eu doesnít seem to be working for us.


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