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Common Vacuum Cleaner Problems - Try These First!




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  • Common Vacuum Cleaner Problems - Try These First!

    Common Problems & Poor Performance

    Over 90 % of the most common problems of poor performance related to conventional vacuum cleaner productís come under the what I call the Five Bís and though it may seem obvious these should be checked at regular intervals.

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    1) Bag & Filters

    The bag should be checked and emptied at regular intervals, if it is of the sealed type you should not reuse it as once the pores of the bag become blocked it will cause the motor of your cleaner to run too hot shortening the life of the appliance.

    The filters should be replaced for the same reason, plus the fact that dirty filters will only result in dust being blown back into the room you are trying to clean.

    2) Belt/s

    The belt should also be changed periodically as they can over time, have a tendency to wear, stretch and eventually break resulting in poor performance.

    3) Brush Rolls

    It is all too often forgotten that the bristles on the brush roll will over time wear down and as a result become far less effective at cleaning and brushing up the pile of your carpets.

    Another problem is that threads, hair, or string like fabrics can easily get wrapped around the brush roll, reducing its ability to turn freely, thereby putting extra stain on the drive belt .This is why the brush roll should be removed periodically checked, cleaned and the end caps and bearings inspected, to keep the appliance working at optimum performance.

    4) Blockages

    We can all, on occasion inadvertently vacuum up objects such as, matches, cocktail sticks, hair clips, etc. All of these items can cause blockages to form in the internal or external hoses or airways of the appliance. So if you suspect that your cleaner has a blockage due to poor performance or the fact that it seems to be running warmer than usual. Then it is very important to stop using the appliance and investigate the problem, otherwise you can seriously damage the appliance.

    5) Broken Flexes

    Be careful not to overstretch the flex of your cleaner during operation especially when it has an auto rewind device for the flex, If your appliance cannot easily reach then use a suitable extension lead as a lot of flexes are damaged by putting to much strain on the flexes resulting in broken flexes, usually at either the plug or the appliance ends.
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