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Vax Power 6 Motor (c89-p6-b)

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  • Vax Power 6 Motor (c89-p6-b)

    Hi. The motor in my Vax Power 6 (c89-p6-b) has failed after many years of good work. I have removed it from the unit but I'm struggling to find a replacement. Can anyone help with the part number so I can broaden my search? I imagine this motor has been used in numerous other models and/or other motors are compatible with my particular machine. I notice someone sold the exact motor (used) on eBay back in April but not been able to find another. Listing here for example:

    There's a video on YouTube of a company demonstrating the replacement of a motor in a Vax Power 7 which all looks pretty much the same as my Power 6 but the company VacuumSpot is no longer in business.

    And finally, some photos of my dead motor:

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    Re: Vax Power 6 Motor (c89-p6-b)

    you will struggle to get any internal spare for Vax machines. Since being taken over by the Chinese all products come with minimal spare parts. In most machines they supply filters, belts and brush rolls. Anything else and you buy a new one

    but saying that did find this ... 2200w.html

    may work