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  • Rules On Advice in the Public Forums

    Advice in Public Forums.

    This post will outline what the professional members of UK Whitegoods (i.e. the engineers) are prepared to offer in the way of advice to the public.

    1/ Understand fully that Safety First is the watchword. We will NOT advise any member of the public to perform any sort of “live” testing on any appliance.

    2/ Bear in mind that in the forums we are unable to see your appliance. Therefore we rely on you to accurately describe your problem, with the full model number of the appliance and preferably the serial number as well.

    3/ Any diagnosis that we make cannot be taken as 100% gospel. It will be based on the training and experience of the engineers, and will more likely than not be accurate.

    4/ Component failure/testing. Most electrical components, unless visibly blown or burnt, will need testing with an electrical meter. If you are unable to do this, it’s engineer time.

    5/ Identification of components. Should a heater problem be identified for instance, it may be necessary to test the heater and thermostat. We CANNOT identify the exact location of these components for you. Our assumption is that you will have some technical knowledge, or your question would not have been posted. There are also legislative reasons for this.

    6/ Where a response suggests that technical help would be the best course of action – WE MEAN IT! The combined knowledge of the engineers on the site amounts to thousands of years, so we will tell you this for a reason.

    7/ Technical information. This is very often specifically copyright to a given manufacturer and will not be publically quoted in the forums.

    8/ Please do not ask for wiring diagrams, schematics or for us to sort out any wiring problems over the internet. We cannot judge how competent you are nor the future readers of any thread, we'll try to point you in the right direction but that's as far as we can legally go.

    9/ Be cautious of accepting advice from a new member as opposed to a long-term UKW member. We have some control over the membership, but not over the new members. If in doubt, ask.

    10/ We will not give you blow by blow, step by step instructions, again we assume some competence on your part, should your posts give us cause to doubt that we will desist from posting.

    Within these limitations we will do our best to answer your queries and questions.
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